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Bingo the Dog Song: As a parent, you already know about the importance of stimulating musical abilities in your children; especially, if this can be done with the help of an old buddy, such as Bingo the dog.

Who is Bingo?

Bingo Dog nursery rhyme can be traced back to over two centuries ago, which makes it one of the all-time favorite dog nursery rhymes in English. According to the song, there was a farmer who had a dong and Bingo was his name.

Although the original song mentions the name “Bingo” many times, it is in the spelling part where the language learning takes place. Since children are requested to spell the name “Bingo” several times, they are likely to learn these letters. Moreover, the song can accommodate other common pet names so that children can practice spelling those, too.

Because several rhyming resources are used in the song, such as “and Bingo was his name o”, children find it simple to learn and memorize the lyrics. In fact, grown-ups will feel surprised to find out just how fast the Bingo dog song can be learnt.

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